Orthodox Christian Music – Samples

Orthodox Christian ecclesiastical music has it’s beginnings in the apostolic worship of the first century which was naturally based upon the Judaic chant at the time of Jesus Christ.  The singular purpose of Orthodox music is to unite the soul (“nous”) with God through prayer and to impart the holy doctrines of the Faith.  It’s purpose is not entertain or to evoke a merely emotional response but to open the heart to the Spirit of God.  

The following are links to traditional Orthodox chant from all over the world.  What is now referred to as “Byzantine Chant,” the original musical form of the Church, was adopted and adapted wherever the gospel was preached and planted.  The Gregorian chant of the West was also adapted from this original form of Christian chant.  Please enjoy these samples!

English/American: Boston Byzantine Choir (“Rejoice, O Bethany” for Lazarus Saturday)



English/American: Father Apostolos Hill (“Blessed are You, O Lord” for funeral service)



Greek: Simonapetra Monastery (Polyeleos):



Russian Chant: Valaam (O Pure Virgin) singing starts at 1:28 mark:



Georgian Chant (Cherubic Hymn):



Serbian Chant (Blessed be the Lord God):



Arabic Chant:



Romanian Chant: