THANK YOU for your interest in our church construction project at 1915 N. Western Ave., across from the Wenatchee Cemetery!   Our goal is to make this property a “piece of paradise” in the Wenatchee Valley.  (See below for a more detailed pictorial history of the project).  

The two phases of our project are:

1. PHASE 1:  The remodel of the existing rental house for use as meeting space and the renovation of a modular building into a beautiful place of worship according to the Orthodox Christian tradition.  During this phase our savings were depleted and a loan of $75,000 was acquired in hopes of completing the beautification process.  Improvements are still being made that will exceed this amount.

2. PHASE 2:  The planning and construction of an exquisite church temple in a traditional early Christian (“Byzantine”) architectural design along with a parish hall, both with a Northwestern flair.  We are currently soliciting funds to be set aside for this beautiful project that will be sure to become a landmark in the Wenatchee Valley.

If you would like to help, please find the “Donate” button, just to your left.  Also tax deductible donations can be made by check to Three Hierarchs Orthodox Church (place “Building Fund” in memo). We would love to meet you, provide you with a tour of our facilities, and answer any questions.  Please feel free to call Rev. Michael Shanbour at 509-263-6441.

And my our good and gracious God be with you and yours!

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In April of 2016, Three Hierarchs Orthodox Christian Church community in Wenatchee received an unexpected 30-day notice to evacuate their downtown rental property of five years.   Our leadership immediately began a comprehensive search for an appropriate and affordable space for worship, as all prayed for God’s will.

Over the next several weeks the search produced few, if any, viable opportunities.  The community had already been pursuing a long-term plan for the construction of a traditional Byzantine style church and fellowship hall.  But now, with a renewed sense of urgency and faith in God’s providential love, a decision was made to pursue a remodel/construction project on the property already purchased at 1915 N. Western Avenue (1.7 acres), across from the Wenatchee Cemetery.  The small 1,200 sq. ft. rental house would be remodeled for use as a meeting place and a modular building would be purchased to be used as a worship space.  In the meantime, a call to Telford’s Chapel of the Valley produced a temporary home for Three Hierarchs.  (We are eternally grateful to Rick and Ann Philips and their kindness and hospitality).

Many obstacles were met, not the least of which was the seemingly endless snowfall that winter, that delayed the delivery of the modular building from Seattle.  And our community graciously provided a number of extensions to our renter.

In November, our industrious community began the process of gutting the more than 70 year old house.


A newspaper from the 1940’s was found behind the old sheetrock in one of the walls.  





                                   With parish council chairman, Andy Barber, acting as foreman, the entire interior of the house was cleaned, insulated, sheet rocked, painted, and updated.


A small, beautiful kitchen was designed by Fr. Michael’s wife, Dr. Makrina Shanbour.     




The exterior also was stripped, re-sided and painted with most of the work being done by the church community.








Through the long months of the winter, snow and ice was removed from the foundation of the future church building in hopes that it could be delivered and placed on its foundation.  

Finally, in February of 2017, the modular was delivered in two parts, but only later (May 2017!) placed on the foundation.








This former modular classroom has been entirely remodeled, with the drop-ceiling removed to reveal a pitched roof, and the interior transformed into an earthly “paradise,” a piece of heaven, as Orthodox worship is meant to imitate the worship of heaven as revealed in the Scriptures.

 (The renovation of the modular building has been led by Robert Sparks of Sparks Construction, a truly excellent contractor with great integrity.)

The house, a detached garage, and the church building form a kind of “trinity” complex with a natural space in the central area for a courtyard.  The “stone” courtyard was created through a stamped concrete process.  The awnings and the beautification features (still in process) were primarily created by the church community, especially Steve Erickson, with help from Fr. David Sommer of Snohomish, WA.  Landscaping and irrigation is currently in process.

All along the way, our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, has assisted us by His grace and granted us patience and peace through the difficult times.  Our only desire has been to glorify the triune God, the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as is the Orthodox Christian purpose and path, and to share the historical Christian Faith and God’s love, grace, and peace with all those we encounter in the Wenatchee Valley.   

We have been blessed, while still a relatively small community, to do a significant portion of our project with savings acquired over the last several years along with generous donations from people outside the Wenatchee area.  However, in order to complete this first phase we were forced to take out a loan.











With God’s help, our phase 2 will be a church building in the traditional, Christian “Byzantine” architectural style (and fellowship hall) with a Great Northwest flair.  This project will require funds beyond the current abilities of our congregation.  If you are inspired to help, feel free to contribute using the “Donate” button on our website home page, or contact us at, 509-263-6441.  We would love to meet you!

The future church might look something like this (rough sketch)


Another Architectural Example: