From Jainism to Orthodoxy: An Indian Passage — By Rahda Dalal


From Vineyard Pastor to Orthodox Priest

O Lord, establish this vineyard by Father Seraphim BellThis article appeared in the June 1993 edition of Again Magazine Taken from: Things have been shaking at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in San Jose, California. Worship here has taken on a whole new dimension. As pastor, I still prepare for worship by focusing my heart through private prayer. […]

Not for Lightweights: A Baptist Preacher goes to Church


Analyzing Evangelicalism: from a Baptist Pastor and Professor of Theology

From D. H. Williams’, “Retrieving the Tradition and Renewing Evangelicalism” Baptist Pastor and Assistant Professor of Patristics and Historical Theology at Loyola University in Chicago   Within conservative Protestant circles, particularly within evangelicalism, there is an increasing number of voices expressing concern about how little the direction of the church’s future is being informed by […]

On Dispositions of the Heart: Elder Porphyrios

An Excerpt from “Wounded By Love: The Life of Teachings of Elder Porphyrios From: I feel illness as the love of Christ ‘My Christ, Your love knows no limits!’ I thank God for granting me many illnesses. [1] I often say to Him: ‘My Christ, Your love knows no limits!’ How I am alive is […]

How We Should Treat Other People – Met. Gregory of St. Petersburg (1904)

From: The answer to this question is given by the Lord Himself: Love thy neighbor(Luke 10:27). The Lord Jesus Christ very categorically demands that we love one another. While giving His last instructions to His disciples before His suffering, He often, and with great force, entrusted them with this love. Namely: This is My commandment, That ye […]

The Place of the Lives of the Saints in the Spiritual Life

A talk delivered at the Annual Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America, February 16/March 1, 2002. 1. The Significance of the Lives of the Saints In order to begin to understand the importance of the Lives of the Saints for our spiritual lives, I believe we can turn to no better or […]

Homily on Being Thankful – by St. Basil the Great

From: 1. You have heard the words of the Apostle, in which he addresses the Thessalonians, prescribing rules of conduct for every kind of person. His teaching, to be sure, was directed towards particular audiences; but the benefit to be derived therefrom is relevant to every generation of mankind. Rejoice evermore, he says; Pray without […]

Do We Really Believe in the Resurrection?

Do We Really Believe in the Resurrection?  By Father Michael Shanbour   The Holy Apostle Paul made it abundantly clear that the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of our faith when he wrote to the Corinthians: “And if Christ is not risen, then is our preaching is empty, and your faith […]

The Impossibility of Aloneness: When Christ Found Me in the Himalayas

From: by Joseph Magnus Frangipani         I’m an Orthodox Christian living in Homer, Alaska and experienced Jesus Christ in the Himalayas, in India. I listen to the heartbeat of rain outside… Cold, Alaskan fog blowing in off the bay, emerald hills now that autumn is here and summer chased away into the […]