After much prayer, labor, and more prayer the Three Hierarchs Orthodox Christian community has moved to our permanent location at 1915 N. Western Avenue, across from the Wenatchee Cemetery.  Church services are being held in our “fellowship house” until the church building is set on its foundation (within a few weeks – as of April 10).


Caution: This 2 1/2 minute video may change your life forever.

A Visual of our Upcoming Facilities

The following is an artist rendering of our new “interim” facilities will look like.  The property sits across from the Wenatchee Cemetery at 1915 N. Western Avenue.  We hope to be at this permanent location in the Fall.  At present we are temporarily worshipping at Telford’s Chapel of the Valley, 711 Grant Road, East Wenatchee.

“A Musical Journey to the Resurrection”: Sunday, March 20, 3:00pm

Please join us! A Musical Journey to the Resurrection Sunday, March 20, 3-4pm Grace Lutheran Church (1408 Washington Street) Music of Holy Week and Easter Presented by the Orthodox Christian Choir of Wenatchee Come prepare your heart for the glorious resurrection of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ! Free Admission    Open to […]

“With My Own Eyes”: Stories of Faith From Communist Prison in Romania

With My Own Eyes A Lutheran Pastor’s Firsthand Account of Prison Life by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand   I am a Christian from an Orthodox country—the country of Romania. Having been in prison for fourteen years for my faith, it is now my missionary work to help persecuted Christians in Communist countries. I would like to […]

“Monogamous Communion”: A Defense of ‘Closed’ Communion by Fr. Michael Shanbour

“Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too” John Lennon   John Lennon’s lyrics strike a chord in us. We all remember a time when we yearned for a unity with others where the slightest separation is melted away in the face of pure […]

What is the Meaning and Promise of Repentance (YouTube Audio)

The following talk was given by Jodi Haley of the Orthodox Reading Room in Beaverton, Oregon during Great Lent 2015.  Using the story of the life of St. Mary of Egypt, Jodi provides an excellent description of the meaning of repentance in the Orthodox Christian tradition juxtaposed with what has become the western Christian understanding.

Christ is Risen!!! Pics from Three Hierarchs Paschal Celebration

5 reasons why young people are seeking old ways of doing church

From the Free Republic website: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/3279461/posts March 31, 2015 | Kathleen and Kevin-Neil Ward   When I was young, there was nothing worse for a church than to be “traditional”. We stripped back the liturgy, swapped the organ for a drum-kit, and replaced the hymnals with Hillsong. We unceremoniously dumped the icons, architecture and rituals […]

Schedule for Holy Week and Pascha 2015

(Approximate length of services in parentheses) Sun., Apr. 5:  6:00pm Bridegroom Orthros (1.5 hrs) Mon., Apr. 6:  6:00pm Bridegroom Orthros (1.5 hrs) Tues., Apr. 7:  6:00pm Bridegroom Orthros (1.5 hrs) Wed., April 8: Thurs.April17:  Holy Unction (2 hrs) Thurs., April 9:  9:00am Vesperal Liturgy (2.5 hrs); 6:30pm 12 Gospels Orthros (3+ hrs) Fri., April 10: 9:00am Royal Hours (2 hrs); […]