Justification By Faith: Quotes from the Early Church Fathers on

For what reason was our father Abraham blessed?  Was it not because he worked righteousness and truth through faith? St. Clement of Rome (30-96AD), 1.13. (according to early church historians he was disciple of St. Paul, and is the Clement mentioned in Phil. 4:3, his Epistle was considered as Scripture by many in the early […]

On Hell

 God does not punish someone in the future; rather, each person makes himself receptive to the partaking of God. And the partaking of God is bliss, while the non-partaking of Him is punishment (Hell)…” St. John of Damascus    

On Living A Godly Life (Faith and Works)

  “If someone puts on the name of Christ, but does not show a life corresponding to that name, he makes a lie of the name. For neither is it possible for the Lord not to be justice, purity and truth, and estrangement for every evil, nor is it possible for a Christian not to […]