“With My Own Eyes”: Stories of Faith From Communist Prison in Romania

With My Own Eyes A Lutheran Pastor’s Firsthand Account of Prison Life by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand   I am a Christian from an Orthodox country—the country of Romania. Having been in prison for fourteen years for my faith, it is now my missionary work to help persecuted Christians in Communist countries. I would like to […]

On Dispositions of the Heart: Elder Porphyrios

An Excerpt from “Wounded By Love: The Life of Teachings of Elder Porphyrios From: http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/elderporphyrios_illness.aspx I feel illness as the love of Christ ‘My Christ, Your love knows no limits!’ I thank God for granting me many illnesses. [1] I often say to Him: ‘My Christ, Your love knows no limits!’ How I am alive is […]

Homily on Being Thankful – by St. Basil the Great

From: http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/stbasil_homily_thanksgiving.aspx 1. You have heard the words of the Apostle, in which he addresses the Thessalonians, prescribing rules of conduct for every kind of person. His teaching, to be sure, was directed towards particular audiences; but the benefit to be derived therefrom is relevant to every generation of mankind. Rejoice evermore, he says; Pray without […]

On Humility, Part III: The Foundation of Christian Community

The Church teaches that we need community in order to learn humility.  It is by living in community that we learn to put our own desires aside as a free act of love for the other.  We are all well aware that sometimes people irritate us.  We find ourselves easily annoyed by some folks, right?!  […]

On Humility, Part II: The Way of Following Christ

Last time we saw that humility is the mother of all the virtues.  Humility gives birth to all the other virtues – faith, hope, love, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, to name a few.  There is no Orthodox Christianity without it; there is no real Christian life without it.  As an example we looked at the […]

On Humility, Part I: The Mother of Virtues

If you walk into the kitchen of an Orthodox Christian home you will likely find an icon of Saint Euphrosynos (pronounced Ev-fro-see’-nos) the Cook.  He is known and venerated around the world.  Yet, we know nothing about him except for one story that has been passed down to us.  We don’t know where he was […]

Christianity: An “Extreme Sport”

Sermon by Rev. Michael Shanbour Ninth Sunday of St. Matthew (14:22-34) August 14, 2011   Christianity: An “Extreme Sport”   Recently I had a brief conversation with young man, an acquaintance.  I asked what was going on in his life and he replied, “Just working.”  But then he added enthusiastically, “But, I’m going bungee jumping […]

Saint John Chrysostom Concerning The Fast

The value of fasting consists not in the abstinence only from food, but in a relinquishment of sinful practices, since he who limits his fasting only to an abstinence from meat is he who especially disparages it. Do you fast? Give me proof of it by your works. If you see a poor man, take […]