Helpful Links

We have attempted to provide helpful links below for those looking for more information and understanding of the Orthodox Christian Faith and Church throughout the world.  The list is by no means exhaustive and will be added to with time.

For Seekers and Enquirers: (Orthodox Information Center – See the list on the right under “Related Topics”) (Journeys to Orthodoxy, written testimonies) (Journeys to Orthodoxy, audio interviews) (Ancient Faith Radio and Podcasts) (Ante-Nicene, Nicene, Post-Nicene Fathers)  (A Baptist Pastor’s First Experience of Orthodox Worship) (An online “zine” particularly for teens and young adults as well as all seekers of truth)


Orthodox Education: (Ancient Faith Radio and Podcasts) AN ORTHODOX CONSCIENCE.pdf (How To Form An Orthodox Christian Conscience) (Mystagogy Blog) (Full of Grace and Truth, Blog)


Orthodox Catechism: (Writings of the Church Fathers) (An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith by St. John of Damascus) (Ancient Faith Radio and Podcasts)


Orthodox Prayers: (prayers and articles on prayer) (Patristic articles on prayer and Prayer Resources)

Bible Study and Bible Commentary: (Youth Bible Study – excellent for adults as well) (Ante-Nicene, Nicene, Post-Nicene Fathers)


Orthodox Apologetics: (David P. Withun’s Youtube Channel) (“Holy Scripture and the Church” by New Martyr Archbishop Iarion Troitsky) or the Church.pdf (“Christianity or the Church?” by New Martyr Archbishop Iarion Troitsky)

Resources: (Dictionary of Orthodox Terminology) (Online Directory of the Orthodox Church in North America)

Orthodox Christian Ministries: (International Orthodox Christian Charities) (Orthodox Christian Mission Center) (Focus North America – Food Kitchen & Service Ministries)  (Project Mexico – Building Homes in Mexico) (St. Innocent Orphanage). (Hogar Raphael Orphanage in Guatamala) Christian [College] Fellowship) (World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth)


Orthodox Christian Monasteries: (Listing of monasteries in the U.S.) (Listing of monasteries worldwide)


Excellent Parish Websites: (Holy Cross, Yakima, WA) (St. Andrew, Riverside, CA) (St. John the Baptist, Dallas, TX)

Miraculous Icons: (Icons of St. Nicholas)