Hogar Raphael Orphanage

Mission Work

Mission work at the Hogar is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. GET READY TO BE LOVED!

Generally mission work to the orphan is arranged through Mission Office, if you are interested in mission work at the orphanage it is recommended to contact Madre Ivonne at nunivon@ufm.edu


In April 30, 1986, Mother Ines and Mother Maria left their Roman Catholic congregation in search of monastic life according to the ancient monastic tradition.

In May 1987, while attending an international conference at the Orthodox Ecumenical Center in Chambesy, Switzerland, they received the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Damaskinos Papandreou, Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Western Europe, to found an Orthodox Monastery in Guatemala and look for an Orthodox bishop of the local jurisdiction.

In 1989, the nuns received a donation of 34.8 acres of land for the Monastery and a hill side deforested property ajacent to an old forest all the way to the lakeshore of Amatitlan Lake. Work on the property immediately began with moving 70 tons of soil into terraces as well as reforestation.

In November 1, 1992, the future site of the Monastery Church was blessed and the construction of six hermitages for the nuns began.

In January 30, 1994, the monastic community transferred to the newly finished hermitges.

In May 14, 1994, His Eminence, conferred the legal power to Mother Ines with the corresponding instructions on inscribing the Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Antiochian Church in Guatemala and appointed Mother Ines as the superior voted by the nuns.

In August 10, 1994, His Eminence, tonsured Mother Ines and Mother Maria.

In August 11, 1994, during the first Divine Liturgy, His Eminence installed Mother Ines as the Igoumeni of the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity –LavraMambre. His Eminence tonsured Mother Ivonne on the same occasion.

In January 1996, the newly elected government began negotiations with the Orthodox Church to privatize and entrust the country´s official orphanage “Hogar Rafael Ayau” founded in 1857, for renovation and reopening.

In August 1996, the “Hogar Rafael Ayau” orphanage was received by the Antiochian Church and the existing chapel in the property became the first Orthodox parish church.

In October 13, 1997, after the basic reconstruction and renovation of the orphanage, “Hogar Rafael Ayau” reopened its doors and received 115 boys and girls who were transferred from another delipidated government institution.

For more information:  www.hogarafaelayau.org