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Combination Value Pack: Divine Liturgy 1981 & Village Musical Collection 1984



The Value Pack includes both CD’s from the Antiochian Village at a discounted rate:

1.  Divine Liturgy: Fr. John Namie, 1981

2.  Village Musical Collection 1984


See below for full description of each CD.



Product Description


Divine Liturgy with Fr. John Namie:

This audio recording of the last Divine Liturgy from the 1981 camping season of the Antiochian Village summer camp features the powerful and unmistakable voice of Fr. John Namie, of blessed memory, along with the counselors and staff from that year.  Digitized and enhanced from a cassette recording, it is being made available for the first time.

Perhaps the most important feature of this recording is Fr. John’s sermon given on that morning, his last word to one of the most memorable groups the Village has seen.  You won’t want to miss this beautiful summary of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ presented in Fr. John’s unique way through the topics of fasting and the Mother of God.  Some of us present that day were “Tommy” (now Bishop Thomas) Joseph, “Rick” (now Bishop Anthony) Michaels, Janet (Abdallah) Shadid, Leila (Dalack) Elias, and me, “Alan” (now Father Michael) Shanbour.

Whether you were a counselor, camper, or staff member of the Village under the tutelage of Fr. John, this recording will take you back in time to that beautiful season of life.  If you are a former parishioner of this blessed priest, you will also greatly appreciate hearing that voice once again.  And even for those who have only heard of Fr. John, you will encounter his unique voice and prayerful personality through this recording.

Village Musical Colletion 1984:

This collection includes the six songs from the original “Rick & Alan” cassette recording,  nine songs from a “Welcome Night” at the Antiochian Village in 1984 also featuring “Rick” (now Bishop Anthony) Michaels and “Alan” (now Fr. Michael) Shanbour performing for an enthusiastic crowd of counselors and campers, three bonus songs not previously released, and “Take Me Back to the Village” from the Living in An Orthodox World CD.  Digitized from an audio cassette recording, it is being made available for the first time.

The recording captures live versions of future Kerygma songs such as “Coming Home” and “Best Friends” (before the lyrics were finalized) others never recorded before such as “Herod,” and favorites from camp like “Natural Energy,” “I Have a Friend,” and “Goodbye for the Last Time.”  Three bonus songs are added to this recording include an acoustic version of “Abba Father,” a previously unrecorded song – “Joyful Image,” and a live version of “On the Cross” that also includes Fr. Patrick Kinder with backup from the entire counseling staff of 1985.  

Nineteen songs in all!

All proceeds to benefit Three Hierarchs Mission building fund.


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