Commonly asked questions about the Orthodox Church

May 14

I remember fondly a dear elderly man in my congregation growing up who often lamented the fact that the Orthodox Christian Church is, in his words, “The best kept secret in America.”  Although the 199
May 10

When I was young, there was nothing worse for a church than to be “traditional”. We stripped back the liturgy, swapped the organ for a drum-kit, and replaced the hymnals with Hillsong. We unceremoniou
May 14

http://www.ocf.org/OrthodoxPage/reading/questions.html Why haven't I heard of the Orthodox Church before? Beats me! It's been around since the day of Pentecost. You probably haven't heard about it bec
Sep 16, 2018

From: http://www.stvladimiraami.org/faqs.shtml#w-services With some additions and edits by Fr. Michael Shanbour Q:  Is it necessary to attend weekday services, or is Sunday morning sufficient? A:  Th
May 14

Many people believe that in order to be Christian, you must be a member of a Roman Catholic, Protestant or more recently, a non-denominational church. As Orthodox Christians, we are catholic, but not
Sep 6, 2018

Below are excepts on this question from various Orthodox Christian sources on this question. I would only like to add that the information below should not be taken as minimizing or excusing t
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