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Book Overview:

Over the centuries since the Great Schism (in 1054 A.D.) between the Eastern and Western Churches, the two groups have diverged to the point that they often no longer understand each other's vocabulary, let alone the fundamental concepts on which each faith is built. Know the Faith is an attempt to present Orthodox Christianity in a way Western Christians (both Roman Catholics and Protestants/Non-Denominational) can understand, grounding each point in Scripture and patristic theology, with comparisons to what Catholics and Protestants believe.

Whether you are an Orthodox Christian seeking to explain your faith to others or an inquirer into this ancient faith, "Know the Faith" will help you understand and communicate the Orthodox faith as never before.

Praise for "Know the Faith":

"I'm always on the lookout for the most helpful book for the many inquirers into Orthodox Christianity that come through my church's door. Fr. Michael's new book is an excellent resource in that it is creative, Biblical, Orthodox, well-argued, and a joy to read. If you take the Bible seriously, are interested in Orthodoxy and how it compares to other Christian groups, you need this book."

-Fr. Noah Bushelli, Pastor,

St. Philip Orthodox Church,

Souderton, PA

"Know the Faith presents the Orthodox faith in a clear and easy-to-understand way and goes a step further by dealing with the objections other Christians might lodge, yet perhaps its greatest value comes from the extensive collections of quotations from the Scriptures and the Fathers supporting Orthodox faith and practice. This is the toolkit any Orthodox could use to respond to the questions and critiques of other Christians."

-Frederica Mathewes-Green

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